For the past few years, I’ve been meaning to make a cookbook of my own.  A cookbook full of recipes that I have tried, tested, and tweaked to make it my own.  I never got around to it because it seemed like a lot of work but I’ve been posting pictures of food I’d make every now and then on my Instagram/Snapchat and people would often ask me questions about meal prep advice and recipes so I figured I’d make a blog to share my knowledge and experiences.  The idea of a food blog actually crossed my mind a couple years ago but I didn’t think anyone would be interested until people started asking me to make one.  Regardless of whether people read this or not, it’d still be beneficial for me as it could serve as my own personal cookbook.  No more bookmarking websites and saving recipes on Microsoft Word, it’ll all be here on one web page.

I’m an amateur when it comes to cooking.  I’ve had no training (aside from taking cooking class in high school) but as cliche as it is, the best way to learn is through experience gained from trial and error.  I believe anybody can cook as long as they can follow instructions.  I’m a picky eater at times and also somewhat of a perfectionist, but those two characteristics are what pushes me to work towards improving my culinary skills.  If the chicken is too dry, I’ll toss it or feed it to the dogs.. if the French macarons have no feet, I’ll eat them to get rid of the evidence.  I’ll try and try again until I feel it’s something worth sharing with other people.

This isn’t going to be a food blog of meal preps made to fit your macros, it’s not just going to be healthy recipes.  What I’ve found difficult is finding meal prep recipes of food that I’ll actually want to eat everyday for a week.  Eating clean and healthy is not easy when your food is bland and boring.  I try to look for recipes that are flavorful, balanced, and easy to do.  These are recipes that I’ve accumulated over the years, whether I found them online or they’ve been passed down from family/friends.  I’ll be sharing what I liked, what I didn’t like, what I changed to make it better, etc.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up longer than a week lol.  Anyways, welcome to Kirsten’s Kitchen!


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